Monday, January 26, 2009

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

Every year we go up in the woods and pick out our Christmas tree. It's not a perfectly trimmed tree, it's a natural straight-from-the-woods tree. It is my favorite thing to do. We've done it since before Joy was born. She loves going too. She helped Daddy drag the tree out of the woods...and she had fun in the deep snow.'s almost February

Where has the time gone? Christmas was great. Joy had so much fun this year talking about baby Jesus, Santa, decorating the Christmas tree, everything was such fun for her. It brought back to me how much fun it was as a child. To see everything through her eyes is so wonderful.

We had the week off between Christmas and New Year's. The day after Christmas, we took the girls (Joy and her 2 cousins) to Stuff It in the mall. It's like Build-a-Bear. They all had gift certificates and were able to make their own animals. Joy picked out a pink bunny and named her Puppy. Then they played on the playground in the mall.

We had a couple snow days off as well. The weather here has just been COLD. We've gone for a week not hitting much higher than 10 degrees. The wind chill is below zero, and snow is coming. I have all the Christmas decorations to put back in the barn, but I can't get to the barn through the snow drifts! I'm ready for Spring!

I'll try to post pictures at another time. I never seem to be able to size them so that they fit. But I have tons of pictures to share. I'll try to do that this week sometime.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and this year brings you much happiness.
God Bless.