Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where did we go wrong?

On my way to work yesterday morning, I was flipping through the radio stations and stopped on one with Christmas music....once the music ends, it's the normal morning radio show. I'm not really paying attention at first, but then it finally catches my attention. They were discussing the animated classic, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". Yay! One of my all time favorites, I can remember my brother and I sitting in front of the TV watching the CBS snippet that led into their 'special programming' for the evening..so exciting!! There's Burl Ives as a the narrating snow man.....oh how I still love to hear him sing "Silver & Gold" and "Holly Jolly Christmas". There's Rudolph and his cute little nose and it's squelch as it lights up.....Oh Hermie...go be a dentist you little weirdo elf with the funky hair! Such fond memories......

And then I hear: Why was Rudolph still being aired when it was nothing but a show about bullying and sexism. HUH?? Yes...Rudolph was bullied by his father and Santa...Hermie was bullied by the head elf...and the poor Abominable snowman bullied by Yukon Cornelius! How can this horrid cartoon still be allowed on the air?? Rudolph's father is sexist as he tells his wife and Clarice that they can't go out to help find Rudolph. What kind of message are we sending our children!! Again, my head says, WHAT???

When did we become this society that tears apart an innocent Christmas cartoon? Why do we have to psycho-analyze every detail of a classic Christmas story? Where does this craziness stop? Am I the only one who thinks Rudolph is just a sweet Christmas story of how a Reindeer with a red nose becomes Santa's lead reindeer one foggy night? Does anyone else enjoy the songs and the stop-animation? Or are we all supposed to tell our children they can't watch this horrid cartoon from 1964 as it's sexist and full of bullying? I am just floored that people have become so anal.

For those of you that disagree, well...sorry, my kids love Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,as do I..we own it on DVD and my oldest daughter watched it for MONTHS after we got it. It's a classic in our household, and will forever remain that. For those that want to over analyze it...maybe you should put down your copy of "Psychology for Dummies", go outside and play in the snow for a while and remember what it's like to be a kid again.

Merry Christmas! We'll have the carrots out on Christmas Eve just for you Rudolph! <3

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