Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is week 2 for me

This is technically my 2nd week of Thrive by Le-Vel. I started out with the daily capsules, but have added the shake as well. I'm not a shake person....they don't usually agree with my stomach. I have IBS, so certain things really set it off unfortunately.  However, I haven't had that problem with Thrive. Another thing about shakes that I don't usually like is the texture...there's nothing like lumps of nasty tasting powder in my I sound like Bill Cosby from his album "Wonderfulness" LOL --- but anyhow, that's just showing my age.
The Thrive Shake mix is good! I've made it a couple different ways, and plan to experiment more in the upcoming weeks. I've made chocolate shakes using Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk, and today I made a Raspberry shake using skim milk, fresh raspberries, ice cubes, a Tbsp of vanilla pudding and Thrive. It was AWESOME!

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