Monday, April 21, 2008

I need a sunscreen that works!!!

I spent the weekend outside since it was SO GORGEOUS!! Saturday was 85 which is unusual for this time of year. Sunday, the cooler day, I think it was 70-75 and windy and I got sun poisoning....and that was WITH sunscreen. I need to find a sunscreen that will hold up. I usually reapply when I go inside for a daughter didn't get burned thank goodness, but I sure did.
It was a very nice weekend though, weather wise. I did have to bathe my stinky skunk dogs, which was quite the riot. Sissy did well, but Butch about took me in the pool when he jumped over it. Then he got mad afterwards and took off....we found him when one of my fabulous neighbors took a shot at him. Grrrrr....
Other than that, nothing exciting happened.

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Gina said...

I hear ya! I'm currently looking as well, if I come across anything that's worth a darn I will gladly let you know !!!