Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Made in the USA

Has anyone else noticed that Wal-Mart no longer sports the big "American Made" motto they used to? What happened to that? Did it die with Sam Walton? I'm not being down on Wal-Mart, don't get me wrong, but I just wish that we supported our own factories and manufacturers (what's left of them anyhow). And it's not like we can boycott Wal-Mart, around my area it's all we have. I've become a label checker....I bought two shirts and a pair of pants last night as I need clothes desperately and not a one was made in the USA. And I tried to find some. And it's not just's just about any store. Even the company that I'm associated with has most of their product manufactured outside the United's hard to avoid anymore. So, I'm kinda stuck there. However.....I'm going to make it my goal to start finding places we can shop that carry USA products...We all want to support our soldiers....let's support them by bringing business back to our country, and hopefully that will help bring them back to us as well. Let's support the USA as much as we possibly can.

And just as I was about to post this, I got an email from my true is this:

Joe Smith started the day early having set his
alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6 am.
While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA ) was perking, he shaved with his
electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG ). He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN
SRI LANKA ), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE ) and tennis shoes (MADE
IN KOREA ) After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE
IN INDIA ) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO ) to see how
much he could spend today. After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN ) to
the radio (MADE IN INDIA ) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY ) filled
it with GAS (from Saudi Arabia ) and continued his search for a good
paying AMERICAN JOB. At the end of yet another discouraging and
fruitless day checking his Computer (Made In Malaysia ), Joe decided to
relax for a while. He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL ) poured
himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE ) and turned on his TV (MADE IN
INDONESIA ),and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in

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NancyPancy said...

I hadn't noticed that specifically but what I had noticed is that everything I pick up says made in China. Seriously. Check it out. Nice blog by the way. I like it.